MACTECH company established in 2003, grown up in production of industrial machinery. A number of machines, in the industry of gold jewelry, marbles & other fields have been designed and produced by a very high technology. Further to some industrial projects in the area of machinery modernization & installation inside & outside Jeddah had been carried out,
In the light of such growing, it was natural for projects to be expanded. Hence, in 2008 work was started to design integrated system for buildings & houses automation. Where this system would be adopted for all modern buildings and therefore be essentially to keep up with the world future development and to make the building appears modern & intelligent.

In 2010, MACTECH, joined to KNX as the first member from Saudi Arabia. KNX considered one of the largest Global Organizations concerned with buildings & houses automation systems. Currently KNX comprises more than 300 members including top world companies such as SIEMENS, ABB & SCHNEIDER) In 2012, MACTECH, registered, as the first certified training center in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for KNX System. Accordingly, a number of System-engineers & contractors had been trained. A fully equipped section was established to execute projects based on this system. The first attempt was automation of whole building in the residential area at the industrial city.

MACTECH, is extremely committed to its initiative aim by contribution in carrying out of major important projects rely upon either its sole possibilities at all levels or through partnership with foreign or national companies operating in this activity.

The policy that MACTECH follows is to be the leader in the implementation of automation projects and machinery production further to other fields in which it operates. So always keen to depend on its own technical crew which enjoys a high engineering capabilities along with its full commitment to the customers.